Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wishlist - June

Again, the stuff that would be cool to have but I really don't need.

  1. Something from ButterAvenue Patisserie & Cafe please! I've never gotten anything from here before but the desserts and menu items look super duper cute! This is a picture I got from their facebook page: 
  2. A cute Kimono. These modern robes are so cute. Here's a picture from yesstyle:
  3. The Yes Yes Yes Massage Bar. "Hits all the right spots" it claims. "Made with our sexiest fragrance," lush claims. Well you know what? I want to try it. If it's seductive enough I'll use it when massaging my boyfriend. 
  4. Muji Stationary. Ever since I watched JaneandJady's video of what's in their backpacks, I've wanted more Muji stationary to add to my collection. Maybe I need some notebooks and pens to start my CFA1 studying.
  5. Beach Trip. I had a lot of fun on a day beach trip with my friends last summer...Maybe it'll happen again this year? Hopefully...

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