Tuesday, May 12, 2015

If I Could do Prom Over Again

It's prom season and it's reminding me of how old I've gotten. It's been two years since my senior year of high school. Two years! Okay well...It's wasn't that far away, and it doesn't make me feel that old, but I wonder how things would've been for prom if it went a little differently. Would I have chosen a short dress again or a long dress? Would I have done my hair differently? What did I think about the promposal I got? Would I have said yes to that prom date this time around? 

The Dress
Well first of all, when I was in my senior year of high school, I was not as worried about the look of the dress as the cost of getting a dress at all. I didn't have much money, what I had was some saved up lunch money that I didn't use over the months and some birthday money. My budget for a dress was very small. Other girls just asked their parents to buy a dress for them, but I didn't want to burden my Asian parents. Asking them for 200-400 dollars for a (what other girls call a cheaper range) dress that I was only going to use for one night seemed too much. I also had to pay for my own ticket...so budget was important.

So shopping around, I found a dress that was under $150 and seemed acceptable as a prom dress. Oh how wrong I was. I felt like many of the other girls at prom were so much more glamorous than I was. I had a short purple dress with faint green tones. 

This was my prom dress.
I wasn't the least under-dressed since other girls had dresses that looked more like a grade 5 graduation dress or a summer dress from forever 21, but I was there on the "I feel underdressed" list.
My dress was puffy...hated it when I put it on that night. 

Now...If I could do prom again, I woudve picked a long or short but flowing, but not puffy.
Something like these dresses would've been perfect...if budget allowed of course. (Or if I got really lucky and found a dress like these within my budget)

The Hair
Okay, you have to understand that I did not know how to do hair or make-up as well as I do now back in the day. For prom in my senior year, I had curls and I put it in a half up do. Not knowing how to curl my hair properly back then, I curled all the pieces in the same direction. A big mistake for a long night, I know. The curls ended up piecing together for one big wave rather than curls. The up-do was also kinda weird because of that. My whole look was kinda weird because the length of my hair didn't suit the type of tight curls that I had. I had about shoulder length hair and the curls just made my hair look even shorter.

How I would've done this differently is to instead of trying a half up do, I would've left my hair down and gave myself much looser waves. Sorta like the girl in the blue dress above.

The Promposal & The Prom Date
The promposal I got was a simple rose and question. To be completely honest, I really didn't care what promposal I got as long as the person promposing to me wanted to do it. I'd probably find any promposal cute.

My boyfriend at that time complained so much about needing to give me a promposal at all since we were already dating. After his friends told him the reasons for it like..."it's just for fun"..."why not, just to put a smile on her face"...etc. he finally gave me a promposal. Not that I even asked him for one. I just told some friends that it would be nice to receive one and I guess that passed around. After promposing though, he complained that he had to go purchase that one rose at all and make the time at all to prompose. Then, when there were arguments that arose between us, there's be that one line he says "I gave you a promposal, so I'm right in this argument." okay he didn't really say that but that's what he'd imply, mentioning the promposal.

So really, if I were to do this part differently, I'd rather go alone to prom or even not go at all. I was actually not planning on attending prom at all but that mean prom date/ex complained so hard and even offered to pay for my ticket so I hesitantly agreed. Well...he ended up not paying because he "forgot to" and "forgot he offered to". Did I even mention limo costs? Split between about 10 others, we each had to pay about $50. I didn't want to take the limo and was going to carpool with some friends and their dates, but no, I was threatened (with that promposal) to go with him and his friends in a limo. He offered to pay for my portion & guess what?? YUP, he "forgot". He even forgot to pay for his own portion that I had to pay for it.

Then came the actual event. This prom date did not let me on the dance floor to have fun at all. When I wanted to go up and dance with some girl friends, he would not let me. He made me stay at the table the entire time when the rest of the world is on the dance floor having fun. 

So really, I would have been better off not going at all to this horrendous senior prom night that everyone says is a one in a lifetime type of night.

I just get so jealous when others talk about their prom night, the movie moment night, the movie like date, and everything of that sort, and all I had were threats, wallet drainage, and emotional stress.

And that concludes my little (not-so-little) rant about my prom experience. 

Edit: Forgot to mention. Our prom tickets came with a professional photoshoot at the lobby while waiting for the event planners to start seating people. My prom date didnt even let me take photos. He didn't let me take a photo with him and he didn't let me go take a photo with my friends. He didn't let me take that photoshoot at all. To all those people who got to, I'm jealous of you. Seems like everyone had a kickass time at prom and I was there waiting for it to end so I could go home. 

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