Saturday, March 28, 2015

Oh mother.

I went to my parents' today. I try to minimize the duration of my stay at my parents during the school year because they have a lot of food. Today I read out the nutrition label of everything I ate...for no reason.
"Pepperoni sticks, 200 Calories per stick, 100 grams of blahblahblah.."
My mom then jumps in after a while and says "You're gonna get fat if you keep snacking and eating like that!" so of course I would counter that and be like,
"Fine, I wont eat it. -puts down pepperoni stick and starts to walk off-"
"Hey. finish your food and finish the dumplings I made too."

Mommy logic: you fat, eat more. 
Oh mommy, you're so funny.

SmiLe for a picture!

I had a dentist appointment today that went pretty well....until I was told some scary news. If you know me, I am scared of the dentist. That's why I always try my best to keep my teeth clean to minimize the number of trips I need to make to the dentist. Today was a annual clean and check-up day. At the end of my appointment my dentist said that my teeth are great, no cavities or anything..'cept I had 4 wisdom teeth starting to grow out and I need them removed because they are not growing out straight. Even if they are, my mouth does not have enough space and the wisdom teeth will shift all my teeth and undo the torture of braces.

I am scared.

Does it hurt to get wisdom teeth taken out?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Oh Time, Where Have You Gone?

The winter semester is almost over and I have yet to find a job for the summer. Someone please hire me. If becoming a professional blogger was easy, I'd just do that and work from home everyday. Unfortunately, becoming a professional blogger requires me to focus on one thing. Business or make-up for example, and I don't seem to know enough of one thing to dedicate an entire blog to it. If only readers were interested in my life, it'd me much easier. Updating the blog on my life every now and then.

So I've been sending out resumes and cover letters here and there hoping for a call back, but no luck yet. When I did get a call back though, they were looking for someone to start right away and I am still in school. Just my luck right? Well, hopefully if I keep applying, someone will call me back with an offer for an interview.

Speaking of time flying by, final exams are in about two weeks. Oh no~ Well... actually... two weeks is sufficient time to prepare for a final exam...if I actually used that time wisely. Like many others out there, I am quite the procrastinator when it comes to school work. Good thing my boyfriend has been motivating me to start studying early, at least this exam season won't be as bad as last semester since my exam schedule is much more spaced out, giving me more time to prepare for each one.

Before I think about exams, I got to get past this week of assignment due dates. (Sigh) Better get to work now~

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