Sunday, February 28, 2016

Just Write

"Just Write" was something my favourite high school teacher always said. Whether it is a page a day, a paragraph a day, or a sentence a day. As an aspiring blogger and writer, I've had big dreams. I just never knew how to go about achieving them. All I've been doing is writing papers for school, blogging on this personal blog and reading other blogs. Now I realized that it was helpful to have been writing all this time. Especially out of requirements and writing just for myself here on this blog.

Last summer, I started freelance researching and writing for some start-up blogs. Incredibly low rates but what can a beginner do? I have to start somewhere. Right? Mr. E. Spanier would say yes. Oh and a great big shout out to Mr. Spanier for inspiring me in his classes and picking me up from my year of downfall. He is truly an amazing and caring teacher --he'd probably be the best guidance counsellors out there.

In high school I used to leisurely write pieces of fiction. None of it was ever published anywhere online or anything, but now looking back, I actually had some great ideas and great pieces. I think I'll continue a incomplete piece from a long time ago. I started it in 2011 or 2012 ...I can't remember, but recently I was sitting in my sociology of law lecture and I learned something about some societal structures that could place a great twist into the story. [Who wants to know the premises of the story?]

I was also rolling around the net and learned that Amazon's Direct Publishing was a eBook publisher that many people use to monetize their written books and stories. I plan to publish an ebook some time. It sounds like a fun to make something on the side. I mean the worst thing that can happen is that no one downloads my ebook. The best thing would be becoming like that author who published vampire fiction and made millions on Amazon Direct Publishing when no traditional publisher wanted to publish her books.

So there it is. My goal for 2016: Write an eBook. I wonder how many people would actually read a short story that I write.

Oh and I'm still freelance writing here and there so if anyone wants to hire me, give me a shout!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Playlist for A Busy Week

Reading week is about to end and I have a hectic week ahead. Let's see what I have:

Monday - Human Rights in a Historical Persective Critical Reflections Essay Due
Tuesday - Sociology of Law Midterm
Thursday - Quantitative Field Research Methods Paper Due
Friday - FDA Interview

After a week of doing nothing for reading week (YAY procrastination!) I'd say this is a pretty heavy load of work for me. -cries- Wish me luck

Thought I'd share my playlist I'll be listening to to help me get through the pile of work and deadlines to meet this week. Enjoy~

1. Standing in the Dark - Lawson

2. Hotel Ceiling - Rixton

  • The music video was kinda funny to me. This is the lyric video though   just so you guys don't get distracted from the song itself. 

3. We Don't Talk Anymore - Charlie Puth 

  • This song is getting quite popular. I kinda like it ...might throw it out of the playlist midweek because it's starting to get over-played everywhere.

4. When She Was Minne - Lawson 

5. Learn to Love Again - Lawson

  • "and our hearts are stronger than we know" ahhh

6. Six Degrees of Separation - The Script

7. Plane - Jason Mraz

  • Throwback to my first-year final exam period playlist! Haven't heard it in a long time so I think it'll get me back in the working mode.

Yes I am now a Lawson fan. And no, I did not make a sad playlist because I am sad. I just happened to find these songs   with the pop rock style that I love   that happened to be sad.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Dumpling House

Dumplings anyone?

A photo posted by Lavina (@laaveenaa) on

The Dumpling House on Broadview and Gerrard is probably the best dumpling place in the city. Even the Mother's Dumplings in the core of downtown can't even compete. Dumpling Queen (?) doesn't have Xiao Long Bao -can you believe it? Xiao Long Bao (Soup Filled Dumplings) is the signature dumpling of dumplings! The Dumpling House on Gerrard St. though, mmmmm. They're amazing. You probably won't even find any Xiao Long Bao this amazing until you drive to Markham.We discovered it when my boyfriend lived in an apartment across the street from this place last year (we had a lot of dumplings that semester).

My boyfriend loves eating the Xiao Long Bao with the black vinegar I like eating it by itself. I also love their dish of rolled pancake with marinated beef! It is served rolled inside aluminium foil-- it's pretty cool.

The first time we ever got the Xiao Long Bao we didn't know how to approach eating it. We first started by putting the whole thing in our mouths and burning ourselves with the hot soup inside. Then we tried biting half of it at a time --which made us lose all the soup into our bowls. We finally figured out how to eat it after watching a DoubleChen video. We basically bite a small hole in the dumpling, cool it down by blowing in it a little bit, suck out the soup and then pour vinegar inside to eat the rest. It is probably the safest and most enjoyable way of eating the yummy soup filled dumplings!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

About Me

Hiiiiiii, I'm Lina.

So I'm in my third year of my BA in Legal Studies minoring in Economics at the University of Waterloo.

I don't have any pets. I wish though. I wish I had a dog. But I do have a calla lily plant, two cacti, and three succulents. 

I love coffee shops -especially non chained coffee shops. The ambiance is just so..comfortable. You may find me at coffee shops often...or maybe not - broke uni girl here.

I'm the girl you'll find drifting off in a daydream in the middle of class or on long commutes.
I like long walks in the city, hikes, road trips, and staying in & watching TV.
I wish on stars, fallen eyelashes, dandelions, and 11:11 - how typical of a dreamer.

from pintrest
Oh yeah, I have an amazing boyfriend of 1.5 years now and he's so fluffy I'm gonna die :D

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mixed Feelings About ECs

Extra Curriculars. Do they matter if you're not applying to professional school? I'm sorta confused. As an Legal Studies & Economics major, I've heard that paid jobs are worth more than clubs and volunteering on the resume to employers. I'm not so sure of that now. I used to be involved in clubs in my university life, and I admit, it is good to have something to talk about in interviews and introductions, but do they really play that big of a role in the hiring eyes?

Many internship positions I found like to see demonstration of leadership skills in extra curriculars in clubs and volunteering. So what should I do now? Take on some volunteering or join some clubs again?

I always thought GPA was very important and I dropped many of my ECs this semester to focus on my GPA. Hopefully the extra time will give way to a higher GPA...? 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Piercings and Tattoos

Let's talk about piercings and tattoos. 

So what I have so far are five piercings and zero tattoos. I have two lobe piercings on each ear and a naval piercing. The double lobe piercings don't come as a surprise to most since girls my age and younger already have the double piercings. What does surprise many people is the naval piercing. I am a timid Asian girl who grew up in a conservative family, I am not much of a party type, and I do not dress in clothes that would show my midsection. And so, not many would expect that I have any body piercings. I actually like this. When people see my belly button ring either at the beach, the pool, in the girls locker room at the gym, it kinda gives them the "You judged a book by its cover didn't you?" punch. It's actually kinda sad that these aren't strangers that are the most surprised. They're friends. At least friends who are not that close to me. 

Those who judge me by how I present myself on the first few times we meet or talk are those who I would consider super judgemental. For example, my room-mate saw that I had a stuffed poop plushie, the stuffed unicorn from Despicable Me, and talked about an anime title I've heard of and assumed that I love Japanese culture and entertainment and that is all I like to do for entertainment: watch anime. First of all, I don't like Japanese or Asian television. I've never really gotten into it. Second, judgemental much? I don't even know a thing about Anime aside from what my friends talk about. 

Anyway, getting back on topic, I've always wanted another ear piercing. Since I was about twelve, I've always seen older girls with the helix cartilage pierced as well as the second lobe piercing. 

Photo from Sofisjewelryshop on Etsy
Many might think that I've already grown out of my "badass" wannabe stage since I've stopped wearing earrings in total, but that's because I have a very limited collection of earrings and I've left that limited collection at home. Oh and laziness to put on jewellery might contribute to the reason why I haven't been wearing any jewellery in a while. 

This brings me to another point. Does having piercings mean you're rebellious? I don't think so, but many of those around me do. I've been asked why I felt so rebellious when I got my bellybutton piercing and second lobe piercings. So does having piercings and tattoos make you rebellious/badass?

As for tattoos, I've never really been sure about getting a tattoo for myself but I've always found small tattoos in specific places very stylish. Ever since I've gotten pintrest a little over a year ago, I've liked the look of tattoos more and more.

If I were ever to get a tattoo, it would be:

A serotonin molecule-on my wrist
image from Pintrest

or the skyline of Toronto- on my side (rib area) or foot.
image from Pintrest 


Well the serotonin molecule is because its cooler than the written words "stay calm" or "happiness" or "be happy". Remembering to be happy is sometimes difficult for everyone because it's easy to focus on the negatives of life when it is only a very small part of it.

As for the Toronto skyline, I've had so many memories in Toronto. If I were to end up anywhere else I'd still want to remember this city.

From the looks of it, I may actually end up getting a tattoo or two. I'm still a young adult so I have lots of time for self persuasion or dissuasion. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Long Time Rival

Do you ever have that one person in your life that you call a friend but they're more like a rival? Maybe you do, maybe you don't. I'll be writing about someone who I treat as a friend but I never really felt like I was treated as a friend by her. There are actually many reasons to this, but this post will just be about the rivalry part.

It has been a long time since I met her. We went to the same elementary school, middle school, high school, and now university. She was always an academic girl. We were always pretty matched up in terms of grades up until grade 10 of high school. I wouldn't have felt this rivalry with anyone else with similar grades as me. The one thing that was different about this 'friendship' was that every time I would beat her in an assessment by at least a percent, she would say things like "you got so lucky!!" or "luckyy you!". My response in my head would always be maybe I just prepared for this test better? Maybe I'm just better at this assessment? Well things like this would happen up til grade 10 when I stopped comparing myself to her in terms of grades.

I started focusing more on being well-rounded. That included extra-curricular. This was the one thing I always topped her in. I was always involved in extra-curricular activities. In grades school I'd be a milk girl, library helper, orchestra member, reading club. In high school it was volleyball, badminton and band. This brings me to my next point. I have always been better than her at physical activity. Sports and strength. At this point in high school I accepted that I may not be as academically geared as she is. So she'd be the friend that was good at school and I'd be the friend that was more social, involved, strong (physically), and sporty.

Recently when she started showing interest in strength training and working out, my thoughts were, oh no you don't. That's crossing into my territory. Childish right? But it's my drive to go to the gym and continuing to improve myself physically. Maybe just to stay better than her at the one thing I was always better at. Everyone else thinks I'm starting to workout a lot more often because of my two room-mates who are pretty often gym-goers, or my boyfriend who's been a long-time fitness junkie, but NOPE. It is this long-time rival of mine.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New School Year, New Me

As we are entering the last third of 2015, I'm becoming to put plans together and hope to act on all of them for the rest of this year.  Here are some of my goals for the fall.
  1. Post on this blog every week or so
  2. Find a part-time job or freelance gigs 
  3. Learn something about investment in the course I'll be taking and on the online investing simulators
  4. Get toned
  5. Be on top of my classes
  6. See the bright side to things ❤
About the last plan/goal, I've been on a negative spiral this summer and it's really taking a hit on my mood and attitude towards things as well. Basically,  I've been feeling terrible waves of sadness. I'm hoping to change this about me and not let things affect who I am so easily.

Okay so a lot of these sound a bit far fetch when you look at my track record of procrastination and priorities, but I swear this semester will be different, I'll accomplish most of these plans if not all!  (...Said every student out there )

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hello August

Wait...August? Two-thirds of the way finished too! Where has the summer gone?

Even though I am glad that my 4 month summer break is nearing an end, I am still wondering, what did I really do this summer? Nothing productive it seems, but I still had a lot of fun bumming around the house, having day date with the boo, and this internship program. I also learned a lot about people I thought were cool but turns out they aren't the angels they seemed pretend to be at first. So I guess, I did do some things productive this summer.

The other week, my boyfriend and I went to Canada's Wonderland. When I pointed out the unicorn from Despicable Me being one of the prizes for a carnival game, he went to play. He played twice and won it for me! -does happy dance-  It's so fluffy I'm gonna die! He's so fluffy I'm gonna die. Thanks for the unicorn, love. You are my unicorn. Now I have a symbol of you in my room when you're not with me. Excuse me guys, the fluffy thing is kinda an inside joke.

About the internship, when someone at work asked me if I learned anything doing this accounting internship, my mind could not come up with one thing I learned that I did not know before. Well, I guess I learned things specific to the company but nothing that could be helpful to know for future jobs at other companies. The lady at work tried to convince me to pursue accounting with amazing points and arguments about how accounting is probably much better than other occupations. Even with all that, I was not convinced.

Well, I mean I could settle for accounting... But I could also settle for a lot of other careers. Last resort settle. I'd really like to just blind two people of how powerful I can become though. If that fails, then I'll settle for something.

Now that I only have 2 more weeks of this internship left, it means moving back to school. Horrayyyyyy! Moving out. About time I get out of my parents house again. Those four months of summer was horrible. 9PM curfew was horrible. Kids that are 16 get a later curfew than me. I hope I never have to move back in with my parents for long.

Now I have to get motivated, ace the rest of uni and prove two sets of parents wrong. Especially the set that isn't my own.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Most Memorable Moment - Dufferin Station

When I went to pick up my resized ring--the promise ring you gave me. I was headed back to the station when someone attacked me in attempt to scare me! Haha, so apparently he walked in a group right past me just to see if I would notice, and when I didn't, he attacked me. Then we headed back to Dufferin mall to burn some time and eat a cinnabon. Squishy food yay!

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